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Bookmakers have a wide variety of betting offers for new and existing players that can add value to your football bets. Free bets are a great way to be welcomed to a new bookmaker, especially if you have a number of bets that you would like to play.

Best Football Free Bets & Promo codes in India 

Football Free Bets can be obtained by promo codes input into the bookmakers’ platform at registration or deposit. By inputting the relevant promo code a free bet will then be issued to you. Sometimes the bookmaker will state that the offer will be issued once your initial deposit has been used or once you have made your first wager. As always, reading the terms and conditions is important to understand how to claim your free bet from the bookmaker. One of the best Free Bet services for football free bets is offered by Betway.

Betway offers a weekly free bet service that you should opt-in to receive at any time on their app or their website under your account. If you are opt-in then you can make use of free bet credits that are issued every Saturday and Monday to your betting wallet.

How to get Free Football Bets

Registering for a new account at a bookmaker is usually the fastest way in obtaining free football bets. Some months you will see offers available which enable you to get football-free bets with no deposit at certain bookmakers. There are a number of football betting sites with free bets that we have available through our site. 

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Best Football Free Bets

How to Claim Multi Free Football Bets

Register with multiple bookmakers. Many will offer you a weekly free bet with ongoing loyalty and this is important but even more important is cross-referencing your markets against multiple bookmakers. Wagering a bet at a bookmaker should only be done if you are getting the best value for your money. If you have five or even six bookmaker accounts then you can check the markets before you wager, you may even find you are offered a free bet on your exact prediction. 

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Common Conditions for the Use of Free Bets

  • Initial Wager should be at 1.50 and above: When applying for this type of free bet you need to ensure that you meet the requirements by your predictions all being at above 1.50 odds or it will not be honoured.
  • Specific Deposit Value: Many operators will only honour a free bet if a certain level of deposit is made when you register. Be sure to check the terms and conditions as many will also only offer the bonus on the first deposit and not at any other time.
  • Original Stake Minus: Understand that a free bet is exactly that. Usually if you place a bet with your own funds you will receive back the initial stake and the value of the bet, minus the vig. With a free bet you will only receive back the value of the bet not the free bet money that you were gifted to stake with.

Free Bets Types for New Users

Are you looking for free football bets today? Well, registering as a new player at a bookmaker entitles you to a variety of new player bonuses that could help you get a decent return on your money.

For Free Football Bets, Betway is one of the best in the marketplace. Betway offers a weekly free weekly bet opt-in that comes on a Saturday morning and a Monday morning should you hit the weekly wagering threshold. 

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Betway India

Sign Up Deposit Bonuses are another type of offering in the market and one of the best is Melbet. Melbet offers up to a 200% bonus on your initial deposit. Bolstering your initial deposit is a fantastic way of making a good bet into a brilliant bet on the football bet of the day.

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Loyalty Free Bets 

Betway’s weekly free bet offer is one of the best in the marketplace rewards you for your customers every single week.

Money-Back Specials 

Melbet is a bookmaker that creates exciting specials, especially on big occasions. You will find their specials as you log in to the platform and find their money-back specials on specific games or leagues from time to time.

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