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When it comes to placing a bet, few sports are as thrilling as boxing. The unpredictability, the number of betting options open to you and the sheer excitement of a knockout are just some of the reasons we love to bet on boxing.

With that in mind, let me show you the ropes and walk you through some of the best bookies in India when it comes to betting on boxing.    

Best Boxing Betting Sites In India

Football and cricket might be more popular, but there’s nothing quite like betting on a top boxing match. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent betting sites for Indian fight fans.


One of the most trusted sport bookies out there, Bet365 is an excellent choice for Indian boxing fans. It has an intuitive layout that’s extremely easy to use – a big plus for first time boxing bettors. Plus, Bet365 offers a very good sign up bonus – it will match your first deposit up to 4,000₹. (Read more)


Another big-name bookmaker, Bwin is a particularly good choice for Indian sports fans when it comes to boxing. Their boxing odds prices are some of the best on the market, while the Bwin live betting platform is impressive, with plenty of betting markets available. (Read more)


An established, top level betting site, the first thing you notice with Parimatch is the sleek, intuitive interface. There are plenty of boxing markets available, with all the major options available as well as more obscure live betting options. There are also a wide array of payment options, meaning boxing fans can pay through more modern instant payment methods like UPI, Paytm and NetBanking. (Read more)

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How Does Boxing Betting Work?

Let’s take a look at how at the various elements that make up a boxing event:

The Card

This is the boxing program for the event. Each card includes a main event and an undercard – a list of supporting matches. A whole boxing event typically lasts around 6-7 hours.


You can bet on each fight within the boxing card. Undercard fights usually last between 4-8 rounds, whereas the main event lasts 12 rounds. 

Scoring System

Each round of a boxing match is scored by ringside judges. The winner of the round is always awarded a 10. The other fighter is awarded a 9 if they lose the round but aren’t knocked down, an 8 if they lose the round and are knocked down once or badly hurt, and a 7 if they lose the round and are knocked down more than once.

Rules & Weights

Boxers must not hit below the belt, headbutt, bite, spit, kick, push, trip or hold. They can only throw closed fist punches. Also, they cannot hit their opponent on the back of the head or hit an opponent when they’re down.

When a referee calls to ‘break’ the boxers must separate. If a fighter is knocked to the ground, they have 10 seconds to get to their feet and show to the referee that they are fit to continue.

In boxing there are several different weight classes. These include flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, middleweight and heavyweight. 

How Do Betting Odds Work In Boxing?

Boxing betting odds are displayed in a decimal format. This means that, if a boxer has odds of 2.00 to win by knockout and you bet 100₹, to find out your potential winnings you need to multiply your stake by the odds. 

So, it would be 100₹ x 2, meaning your winnings would be 200₹ (this total includes your original stake).

Most Popular Boxing Betting Options / Markets

Boxing has a variety of betting markets, making it a very exciting sport to bet on.

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Fight Result

The most straightforward and popular betting option, the fight result is the overall outcome of the boxing match. The fight result will be one of three outcomes – a win for either fighter or a draw.

Method of Victory

For those who want longer odds than a simple fight result, the method of victory is how the fight is won. In boxing, this can be one of five ways.

  • Points victory (decision)This means the fighter that has the highest points on their scorecard at the end of the fight, as decided by the ringside judges. This can be a split decision, a majority decision or a unanimous decision.
  • TKO This is when a fighter wins by a technical knockout. A TKO is when a referee judges that a fighter is unable to continue.
  • KO A straight knockout, when a boxer is unable to get to their feet within the 10-second count.
  • Disqualification When the referee disqualifies a fighter due to one or more instances of unsporting behavior.
  • Technical decision  When the referee stops the fight due to accidental injury, such as a head injury through accidental headbutt. The winner is then decided by the boxer who has the highest points on the scorecard.

Round Bets

In boxing, it’s also possible to bet on which round the fight will end in. Most bookies offer this kind of boxing bet. 

How To Analyze A Boxer You Want To Bet On

There are lots of ways to gain some leverage on your bet. All it takes is a little research into each fighter before the fight takes place.

Record & Recent Fights of Each Fighter

One of the best indicators of which way a fight will swing is current form. If a fighter is coming off the back of a ego-bruising defeat, it might well be an indication that they’re in for more punishment. They might well have a point to prove and come back stronger – check a fighter’s record to see how they respond to setbacks.

Current Conditioning

What shape is the fighter in? Do they have poor conditioning that might hamper them during the fight? Are they struggling to make the weight or have they seemed sluggish in previous fights or recent sparring sessions? A fighter’s condition can be a great insight into which way the fight will go.

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Reach, Speed & Power:

A boxer’s physicality is critical. Depending on the weight class, you might find that the two fighters have completely different styles, especially in the heavyweight division. Some boxers find it hard to cope with speed and brute power, while others struggle against boxers with a long reach who employ a tactical jab.

Coach & Sparring Partners

That ‘new coach bounce’ definitely exists! Some boxers can rise to the occasion, inspired by the energy and enthusiasm that comes with a new coach. On the flip side, losing a long term mentor can have a damaging effect on a fighter’s chances. Meanwhile, sparring with very good fighters can help prepare a fighter for the big event. So, do your research on what goes on behind the scenes for a little extra betting leverage.


Even if you’re the greatest fighter on the planet, your game can be thrown off by injuries. Sometimes an injury will be widely reported, but other times you’ll have to go digging a little deeper through specialist boxing sites to find reports. Even if it’s a slight hand injury or a little tweak to a leg muscle, an injury has the potential to tilt the balance of a big fight.


Some boxers are known to misbehave in the ring. Take that into account when placing a bet on things like the overall scorecard, as boxers with a bad disciplinary record can often find themselves deducted points during a point. Especially if there has been bad blood leading up to the fight.

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