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Denmark National Football Team has produced some excellent players. Peter Schmeichel, could be one of the most notable players of all time for Denmark. It is perhaps Michael Laudrup, one of the two Laudrup brothers, that could be the greatest player of all time for Denmark. He was one of the most intelligent footballers to play the game and represented some of the biggest teams on the globe from midfield. In the 90’s Denmark had a star-studded side, so much so that they were able to win Euros in 1992. Their World Cup campaigns have not been anywhere near as successful but, for sure, Denmark to possesses the ability within their side to unlock the next level for their National Side and challenge in the final stages.

Denmark Last Odds

Denmark National Football Team: Tactics & Principles

Denmark is led by Kasper Schmeichel in goal, yes, the son of legend Peter Schmeichel. He is a commanding goalkeeper that organizes the backline very well, just like his Father did at Manchester United. The spine of Denmark is strong, they are defensively pretty astute, but do have positional issues when an overload is caused by wide playing sides due to their 4-3-3 style. 4-4-3 can make aside a little narrow in attack if the transition from defence is not executed correctly and you will see this happen a lot with Denmark. Going forward, Braithwaite is always a threat for Denmark, skillful and a willing runner, he surprised a lot of people in the latest Euros.

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World Cup PREDICTIONS & What to Expect?

Truthfully, I would love to see Denmark competing in the finals of the competition, I think they are a side that deserve to be in the final stages. Sadly, I am unsure that they possess potency upfront to launch a real challenge against some of the heavyweights of the competition. In a competition with the likes of Germany, Brazil, Argentina, France, and Belgium, Denmark is considerably undermined with their quality on the pitch. If the group stage seeds fall kindly for Denmark they could be in with a chance of making the Quarter Finals but I cannot see Denmark competing any further than there. (Click to read our latest World Cup Qualifying betting tips and predictions).

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Denmark National Football Team Players: Top 5

Martin Braithwaite:

Martin Braithwaite plays for FC Barcelona week to week and has made over 50 caps for the Denmark National Team. He is a tireless runner that brings quality to the side going forward with his feints and ability for finding space in tight situations. (Check out here our opinion about Barcelona’s betting predictions & odds for this season – Braitwaite’s current team.)

Andreas Christensen:

Big centre-half Christensen plays for Chelsea in the EPL. He is a defender of rare calming quality and always seems to look composed on the ball regardless of offensive pressure. Positionally sound, Christensen is capable of marshalling a defence with presence alone and his experience in the EPL, where his side plays total football, integrates him smoothly into the National Team side. ( Read here our predictions of Chelsea for this season – Christensen’s current team.)

Kasper Schmeichel:

Kasper is a livewire goalkeeper that is loud, commanding and an excellent shot stopper. He plays for Leicester City in the EPL and is easily one of the best goalkeepers in the world currently. ( Read here our predictions of Leicester City for the English Premier League  – Schmeichel’s current team.)

Simon Kjaer:

AC Milan center-half plays for AC Milan and is a rock at the back for the Danish National Team. He has amassed nearly 120 appearances for his country now and has represented them on the biggest stage. His experience at the highest level in countries like Germany, Spain, and Italy makes him an asset to the Denmark side. ( Read here our predictions of AC Milan for this Season  – Kjaer’s current team.)

Kasper Dolberg:

Young Kasper Dolberg has a scoring average of almost one every other game which is commendable for a striker of only 24 years old. He has already scored 10 goals for his country and is proving he is more than capable of becoming a leading striker for his country. He looks young and innocent but is aggressive and pacy which allows him to float into holes in the defence very quickly. A finisher of pure quality who will, no doubt, continue to grow into his international status.  (Click here to read our latest Ligue 1 betting tips and predictions for today and tomorrow where Dolberg is currently playing).

Who is Denmark’s Football Manager?

Kasper Hjulmund has already led Denmark to a semi-final in Euro 2020 and he looks to be a very good tactician. The game in which they narrowly lost to England they seemed a tight unit that were able to spread the play exceptionally well against very able opposition. Another season working with his players and Hjulmund could lead Denmark to a very good World Cup finish. His playing career was brief and without splendour but he has enjoyed a pretty good international management tenure so far having won 75% of his games for the country.

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