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The English Premier League, or EPL, has been at the center of gambling since its inception in 1992. For near three decades, the Premier League has hosted some of the most exciting teams in Europe and, latterly, some of the biggest franchises in the modern game like Manchester United.

Overview: EPL Football

The 21/22 season has shaped up to be one of the most competitive yet with the homecoming of Ronaldo to the roster list of Manchester United, Lukaku homecoming to Chelsea and Manchester City making the most expensive signing of an English player in history, Jack Grealish. It is, without doubt, one of the hardest seasons for English Premier League outright betting yet one of the most interesting for the neutral fan. 

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English Premier League Football Outright Betting: The Favorites 

Premier League betting odds on the winner have shifted since the start of the season with performances taken into consideration and results. Right now, you will find some of the best odds at Bet365. Currently, the top three seeds for Title Champions are:

  • Manchester City 1.90
  • Chelsea 3.50
  • Liverpool 5.00

Manchester United has slumped to an interesting outside bet of 17.00 despite the homecoming of Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer. The start of the EPL historically is a turbulent section of the season as the 20 clubs bustle to find a position in the league. Currently, Chelsea sits at the top of the table but Manchester City is odds on favorite for winning the league still. Despite Chelsea’s current league position and winning last year’s Champions League, Manchester City’s strength in depth looks to be a correlating factor in the bookies’ projections. Pep Guardiola’s men are instinctive in front of goal, merciless in their approach to winning trophies, and have some of the most expensive English premier league football players.

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Best Moments of the Season to Bet on the Winners Championship

english premier league bets and tips

A future bet at the start of the season would usually yield the best odds as clubs will need to gel their new players into the frame for a good 5-10 games. December is a very good time to place a bet with the premier league odds, although becoming a little more distilled, still enable a punter to synthesise enough data to make an educated decision on the outcome. Usually by December the top clubs are beginning to pull away from the white noise of the others and the title race is starting to form its contenders. Think of the 100m mens final, every athlete starts in their blocks and for the first 30m or so all sprinters are in the race. The second half of the race the fastest men in the world begin their own race with usually two or three dominant runners competing amongst themselves. The English premier league is very similar.

March can be effective to place bets on the outcome of the premier league although, with more acute data usually the odds would be less generous meaning this is better for higher stake punters. 

Bet 365:  Best Live Betting Operators in the World

Bet365 are one of our favourites for live betting. The application downloadable on both iOS and Android is slick, smooth and offers most sports but is particularly sharp on the EPL. With fast paced games in the EPL, Bet365 offers a platform on which, you are able to fully immerse yourself through digital heat map showing the games in possession and attack. On selected games, you are also able to watch the games live and place bets on screen without having to leave the game to check the markets. We have found the app to be particularly accurate against real time action comparing it against the flow of the game on the television simultaneously. With a selection of markets including interesting prop bets like bet on penalties, first goalscorer and bookings Bet365 is one of the best live betting operators in the world. Read Review.

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Betway: Good Option to Bet on Football

Betway is another good candidate for live betting. Betway are a global brand and have a seamless app that, again, uses AI to showcase the games on screen projected with available live bet markets. They do not show the live games but there are enough data points shown on the heat maps to give a player understanding as to the flow of the game. We have found Betway to be a little slower than Bet365 with processing information in some leagues but in the English premier league they have been on par with B365.

Another thing to consider when live betting is the availability of cash outs. We call them ‘sessions’ when you are logged into online betting for the 90 minutes and looking for the win to take home in your wallet. We use these sessions to watch the coverage of multiple games simultaneously which is why cash out is essential for us. Line changes real time, offer opportunity and so we like to capitalise on the premier league betting odds. If we can spot the flow of a game where a team is in the ascendency we may place a wager for that team to win to capitalise on a cash out option during session. Both Betway and Bet365 offer cash outs but we have found Bet365 to offer better rates on their cash out than Bet365. Another factor at Betway is their cash out options are limited to specific markets whereas Bet365 allow the functionality across all their markets. Read Review.

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Deciding on an Operator 

Typically, most players should have 2-4 open accounts as a minimum as betting on the premier league has a variety of markets and some operators are better than others for specific types of bets. Line changes within these markets can be reflected at some operators faster than others and the odds, especially opening lines, vary from operator to operator. When considering where to open accounts you should first check our review pages where you will find key information on operators such as:

  • Accepting payment methods
  • Withdrawals
  • Market lines
  • Cash outs
  • Regulations 
  • Bonuses 
  • Website/App

For more detailed information on the operators please see these pages here. It is important to get an overview of operators before you register for an account and even more important to make use of our unique sign up code to get a bespoke bonus when you sign up and deposit!

Win your Bets!

Whether you are betting on outright champions of the English premier league or live betting on selected games ensure you enjoy the experience. The overall experience of gambling should be fun, engaging and rewarding both mentally and financially.

These two factors can be achieved by:

1) Selecting the right operators with the good sign-up bonus

2) Choose markets that excite you and you are able to analyze. 

Good luck and please let us know which operators you have chosen in the comments below!

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