E sports betting guide for Indian players

Traditional sports have given way to electronic sports, whose peculiar universe attracts an infinite number of important national and international tournaments, as well as an ever-increasing number of young followers.

So as not to miss out on this trend, here we explain everything you need to know about it so that you don’t come across as an “old-fashioned purist” at the next family gathering with your teenage cousins.

What are eSports?

The potential of video games has yet to be tapped. eSports emerged as a response to the prevailing professionalization of gamers. The teenagers who enjoyed themselves at home during the console boom in the 1990s have now become real experts who train daily and compete in exciting matches in front of the screen.

eSports or electronic sports are professional multiplayer competitions in various disciplines. The high level and spectacular character of the tournaments ensure that they are watched live by millions of viewers all over the world. Fans of conventional sports find a new form of excitement in eSports by betting on their favourite teams and cheering along.

The rules of eSports vary depending on the video game in which players participate. The best known include League of Legends, Call of Duty or the classic football game FIFA. They are organised in different leagues and are broadcast live, giving spectators endless opportunities to place their bets.

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Do you know the eSports slang?

eSports has introduced a new language. Both the professional players who participate in the tournaments and the commentators who broadcast them use a specific vocabulary that you have to know in order not to miss any details. The young audience coexists with the adult audience, which has expanded its sports vocabulary by introducing words like those described below.

First of all, the eSports player is called a “gamer”. This “gamer” performs an “ace” when he eliminates an opponent and a “bait” when he traps him to defeat him. We should also know that aggro is a tactic that focuses on attacks, while stall focuses its forces on defense.

When a player defeats his opponent with overwhelming superiority, we say that he has “stalled” the game. Stall” is the moment when a game that has almost been won is overturned by the opponent despite all odds. This sometimes happens to so-called “noobs”, players with a short career in the professional league.

A term that is more familiar today because of its frequent use in the media is the “streamer”: the person who broadcasts his or her games and thus offers the audience the opportunity to interact with him or her life.

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What are the most popular bets in eSports?

LOL (League of Legends) betting is undoubtedly the most popular in the world market. The major leagues attract the attention of spectators, who determine the winner of the game mainly based on the ranking of the opponents.

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The classic football simulator FIFA is another king among bookmakers. To make predictions in tournaments of this video game, one must take into account a double feature: the individual quality of the player and the level of the team in which he/she plays. A good combination of both is perfect to give him your trust and your money.

We cannot but mention the legendary Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO), one of the most famous shooter tactics games in history. Due to its spectacular character and the excitement it conveys, it is one of the top 3 sports betting games in the world. The odds are very attractive and the risk is low after thorough investigation of the players.

What are the main international eSports tournaments?

A number of tournaments are marked in red on the calendar of all eSports fans around the world. These are the competitions where the best teams and players in the world fight for a place in the Olympus of the eSports gods.

The Fortnite World Cup is one of the most popular tournaments with an international audience. Excitement is high at an event that pays out more than $120 million in prize money. The last edition took place in New York.

The League of Legends World Championship is the most important title. The prize money for the winner – one million euros – and the great prestige of the title attract the LOL kings of their respective countries. The event is organized by Riot Games.

Who are the top international teams in eSports?

The video game industry has mobilised huge amounts of money over the last decade, raising the level of competition to unprecedented levels and bringing global teams with huge legacies to the table. The stakes are high, and only the select few can write their names into eSports history. These are the best in the world:

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FaZe Clan is the best team in the world. Their success in Call of Duty has earned them an impressive 15 million followers on social media. They also compete in the most prestigious international fornite tournaments.

Team Secret, the undisputed favorite in all Rainbow 6 and Apex Legends competitions, is not far behind in terms of fame, track record, and financial merit. They are also one of the most legendary teams in eSports.

Finally, American team Liquid is another of eSports’ great legends. Founded in 2000, they stand out, especially in Dota 2, but also do well in all the competitions of Counter-Strike and Fortnite.

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