fortnite betting odds

The Fortnite Battle Royale craze is sweeping the world and has been for a while now. This cultural phenomenon has blown up in recent years, with its release in July 2017 leading to over 125 million players globally.

If you’re a gamer, you know the thrill of a well-placed kill or the excitement of an unexpected win as you stare down your opponent. It’s an incredible rush, and it makes sense that people would want to watch other great players compete in a virtual arena.

With Fortnite betting, eSports fans can get their fix by watching other gamers play while placing bets on the outcome of the game. This gives them the thrill of seeing the action while they wait for their winning bet to come in. Betting on Fortnite matches is gaining popularity because it combines all of our favorite things: video games, gambling, and competition.

The rise in popularity of eSports betting has led to a spike in interest surrounding Fortnite betting. Since many people already enjoy watching this game on Twitch or YouTube, why not place some bets and make it even more exciting?

If you’re new to the idea of Fortnite betting and are looking for a place where you can start gambling on Fortnite gameplay, we’ve got all the information you need right here: what exactly you can bet on, where to find these kinds of bets, and how to get started placing your own wagers.

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Fortnite Tips

Winning big at Fortnite Battle Royale is no easy feat, but it can be done with the right strategy. The key to success? Take advice from those in the know and you could be well on your way to turning a profit.

The best way to get ahead of the curve (and potentially the bookies) is by keeping a close eye on Fortnite streamers. Top Fortnite players often use Twitch as an additional source of revenue so they stream their gameplay at all times of the day. Watching these streams allows you to see how consistently these players perform – ask yourself: how often do they come in Top 20? T10? T5? Win? How many kills do they get per game? How many times do they “go down”?

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Bets on Fortnite

The first Fortnite betting odds were listed for a Pro-AM tournament during e3 2018 by top NJ sports betting sites and top PA sports betting sites, amidst the game’s rising popularity. During this competition, EDM artist Marshmello and professional streamer Ninja eventually prevailed among a pool of many other high-profile celebrities and gamers, having started out at 10/1 to become the winners.

For those looking for a taste of the action, we have some good news – the potential for some proper Fortnite betting action is on the horizon, as the game’s first real foray into the eSports space is due to take place in Autumn 2018. Epic Games, Fortnite developer, has already committed a $100,000,000 prize pool for the game’s first ever edition of this tournament – making sure that it will be a thrilling event to bet on. The focus for qualifiers will be solely on solo and duo matches – something to keep in mind when plotting your long term strategy with Fortnite betting sites.

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Fortnite Bonuses and Odds

Fortnite is a grassroots-up phenomenon. It’s becoming an international craze as fans and celebrities alike jump on the action game’s bandwagon. While some betting sites are scrambling to create Fortnite betting markets, many have yet to decide on their bonus offerings.

Fortnite betting websites offer top-quality bonuses to new and returning visitors. The size of the bonus depends on the deposit amount, but it will range from 25% to 100% on the initial deposit amount and can rise to as much as 10 times that figure with a no deposit bonus.

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