how to bet on football and win

Football betting has certainly dreamed of winning either regularly or big time. Well, gambling is also about luck, but you need a lot more than luck to be a successful gambler. Here we help you with 10 tips on how to win at football betting.

How does football betting work?

Bookmakers set odds and indicate the ratio between the stake and the profit for a particular outcome if you want to bet on it. They are usually displayed as fractions (e.g. 4/1) but can sometimes be displayed as decimals (4.00) and decide which you rathar. E.g.: if the outcome of an event has a probability of 4/1 (or 4.00), you win ₹2 for every ₹1 you bet.

Check the different football markets to bet on

Many of us like to place at the 1X2 market or bet on an ACCA on many football teams, although you can often find added value on a more obscure betting market. Sometimes it pays to think about a game and how it might turn out before looking at the odds.

One might assume that Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC will play a high-scoring game, with Liverpool FC coming out on top. In this case, a Liverpool FC + BTTS win can be a good bet, especially if the price is attractive. Or you may not have a firm opinion on which team will win, but you like a game with few goals, which can lead to a bet on less than 3.5 goals or even less than 2.5 goals.

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Take the bonus, promo code and offers

The best betting sites offer new customer bonuses, usually in the form of free bets. Still, as well as these standard offers for new customers, they can also offer even better promotions on certain events.

Sometimes you can get ridiculously cheap odds on outcomes that have good chances of winning, so take advantage of these Promo and sign up with various online bookmakers. Once you sign-up, they will work hard to keep you interested, with daily special offers and attractive promotions around big events like the Football World Cup or the start of the new UEFA Champions League season.

Many of these promotions offer great value or at least very low risk, so take advantage of them while you can get them.

Research the teams

Like anything else, it takes time and effort to succeed with football betting regularly. While recreational bettors may get lucky with long shots from time to time, research and knowledge separate amateurs from professionals.

Bookmakers today have a wealth of resources and statistics at their disposal, so you need to arm yourself by watching games and reading up on form and team news if you want to beat them. The more you know about what you are betting on, the more likely you will make the right prediction.

It is also useful if you have specialist knowledge. Bookmakers are usually very savvy when it comes to the mainly football leagues. Tipsters are good “number readers” usually have a good data and huge information for each match.

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Live odds and betting during the match

It is one of my favourite bets, as betting on individual segmente of the match has always seemed like a smart way to win money at low risk and good odds. The easiest and most effective way is to guess which minute they will or will not score a goal.

The key is to study in which minutes each team scores and concedes the most goals and place the bet on “if goal” or “no goal” in those minutes.

Remember that football is a physical game with a lot of tactics. It is no coincidence that teams generally score more goals at the end of each half. It is also not surprising that between 15 and 30 minutes are statistically the fewest goals in any European competition. The final tip is to read up on each team before betting.

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