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La Liga is one of the top five football leagues in the world hailing ballon d’or winners over the last decade. Two clubs have been magnificent in creating two of the biggest franchises in the world casting the limelight on Spanish football. La Liga bets tips are usually pretty tough to call due to the competitiveness of the league but the odds also reflect the uncertainty, so can be a decent addition to a bet slip making La Liga predictions.

La Liga

May 20
May 20 19:00 · UTC
Real Madrid vs Real Betis
Double chance : Real Madrid or draw
Home: 56%
Away: 44%
Home: 62%
Head to head
Away: 38%
May 22
May 22 18:00 · UTC
Osasuna vs Mallorca
Double chance : Osasuna or draw
Home: 56%
Away: 44%
Home: 62%
Head to head
Away: 38%
May 22 20:00 · UTC
Barcelona vs Villarreal
Double chance : Barcelona or draw
Home: 79%
Away: 21%
Home: 100%
Head to head
Away: 0%
May 22 20:00 · UTC
Real Sociedad vs Atletico Madrid
Combo Double chance : draw or Atletico Madrid and -3.5 goals
Home: 46%
Away: 54%
Home: 38%
Head to head
Away: 62%

La Liga Spanish Betting Tips & Predictions

La Liga betting previews are usually pretty robust with information, given the substantial historical data available to analysts these days. Founded nearly a century ago the La Liga has a wealth of statistics to purview, enabling educated predictions for the game outcomes. With such a long history of each club, one of our biggest tips would be to research and know the teams you are betting on because you will find a ton of information available. With particular favorites in this league, our Spanish football betting tips would certainly be: Check the spread and exotic bets. Placing wagers strictly on the money line, or win, loss and, draw usually do not return as much as the spread in this league. 

spain football bets and tips
Source: El Comercio

Spanish Football Outright Betting: The Favourites

La Liga betting predictions usually would place one of the Big Three in the fold for the championship at the start of the season. Spanish football has been dominated by two teams in the last 20 years and one of them has finished 1st or 2nd every year since the 2002 season. Betting on outright winners of La Liga is not as profitable a bet as the EPL or Serie A, however, there are outright bets that can have decent odd yield. Research high-scoring players for the top goalscorer position, or midfielders for the most assists. 

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Betting on La Liga Relegation

Here’s a pretty cool fact: Only 3 teams have remained in Spain’s top-flight league since its formation! That statistic alone should show the dominance of some of the front runners in La Liga. Relegation can be a tough one to call at the start of the season as long seasons will have every club going through patches of both good and bad performances. Usually, in La Liga, you will find the prospects for relegation start to find themselves treading water by December, enabling a more informed bet.

Best moments of the Season to Bet on the Winners Championship 

We always like to bet on the winners at the start of the season in La Liga. Dominant sides usually would reveal themselves during the pre-season games. One of our big La Liga tips is to tune in to the pre-season games during the off-season to see how the contending sides are shaping up; cohesion in new players is a good indicator. We have seen many La Liga Spanish football betting strategies that will calculate point averages by November that will then project forward total points for the main three sides. Any strategy you choose to adopt, remember football is no exact science and red cards, penalties, and injuries can disturb any best-laid plan!

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Spanish football lives betting is exciting. We have found that by checking the stats, working on possession and shots on goals can serve as a well-informed betting strategy. In La Liga, the game flows do not seem to change as much as in other leagues meaning watching the games can really be an effective form of live betting.

Bet 365 has some of the best La Liga betting odds in their live markets. This is combined with a seamless app that is easy to navigate, responsive and you are able to watch games live inside the app once you have deposited. We have found you can easily check the live-action on both statistics and game review fast enough to place effective accumulator bets on La Liga games. Read Review.

Superb Odds – Melbet 

Melbet’s app is downloadable on both Android and iOS. The app is fast, which is important when placing live bets and, has more markets than we have found with most operators. Melbet has particularly generous odds during live games.

Simple and User Friendly – Betway

Betway’s app is simple, fast, and gives good game coverage whilst games are being played. You can check the stats live on each game in La Liga and they offer a range of markets on live games. Read Review.

Betting Bonuses for La Liga Football 

With huge La Liga betting games such as the El Classico, you will find enhanced bonuses at most bookmakers. Choosing the right type of bonus for your deposit depends on what type of bet you are placing. We like to choose bonuses that support Spanish football handicap betting that will enhance our bets to odds beyond the norm. One of the bonuses that enable this is the ‘Percentage bonus on first bets”. Imagine 20% on your initial bets at 2.00 odds is enhanced to 2.40, it is basically free money at the back end! Sometimes, the best bonuses can be specific to a singular bet, or multiple bet. You will not find yourselves short on bonuses in La Liga so check out our partners’ offers here to see what works best for you.

betting tips for football today
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Deciding on a Bookmaker to bet on Spanish Football

Spanish football is one of the most exciting leagues in the world to bet on. The odds are good at most bookmakers and, some of the special exotic bets can really give you interesting wagers. On selecting the right bookmaker we suggest looking at core principle bets first and foremost like:

  • Odds 
  • Bet Types 
  • Live Betting Coverage 
  • Specials 
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Choosing bookmakers is the fun part, as we always say, select your bonuses and register with a minimum of three or four operators to ensure you get the best market prices on selected games. 

Good luck and don’t forget to say hola’ and leave us a comment on your favourite bookmakers for La Liga.

Standings Table: La Liga:

Top Players: Goals, Assists and Cards

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