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Ligue 1 betting has to be one of the most exciting leagues to bet in with some of the best odds you can find at most bookmakers. French Ligue 1 has catapulted itself to one of the Top 5 leagues in the world in recent years and, some of the world’s greatest players now call France home. 

Ligue 1

May 21
May 21 19:00 · UTC
Lens vs Monaco
No predictions available
Home: 50%
Away: 50%
Home: 50%
Head to head
Away: 50%
May 21 19:00 · UTC
Marseille vs Strasbourg
Double chance : Marseille or draw
Home: 78%
Away: 22%
Home: 85%
Head to head
Away: 15%
May 21 19:00 · UTC
Angers vs Montpellier
Double chance : Angers or draw
Home: 31%
Away: 69%
Home: 38%
Head to head
Away: 62%
May 21 19:00 · UTC
Lille vs Rennes
Double chance : draw or Rennes
Home: 67%
Away: 33%
Home: 85%
Head to head
Away: 15%

French Ligue 1: Betting Tips, Odds and Predictions 

Ligue 1 has exciting teams but the dominance of one, Paris Saint Germain, has overwhelmed the league in the last decade. Most Ligue 1 betting tips would have PSG on a money line bet as they win most weeks. With sides that are so dominant in a league the odds are crushed week on week so very rarely will you see a side playing domestically with odds above 1.40 on a straight win. With low odds and, most bets central to PSG, your Ligue 1 betting predictions should be a little more out of the box to capitalize on spread predictions.

French Ligue 1 Betting Tip #1Check the Spread Usually the spread is a lot more lucrative and less risky than going with a money line bet. On favorites, the money line bets can be risky for not much return on your buck. Check out handicap bets or total goals for best odds.

French Ligue 1 Betting Tip #2 Research Historic Results v Form The form, although important, is not the only denominator that will have an impact on the result of the game. The French Ligue 1 has a deep-rooted history of Head to Head battles between clubs and club rivalry can be as important to a result as team form.

When do we Publish our Match Previous, Predictions and Tips?

Matches are played in a typical season on Saturdays and Sundays. Often there will be a couple of midweek games but full fixtures lists for Ligue 1 occur on the weekend.

Best moments of the Season to Bet on the winners Championship

france football league tips

French Ligue 1 predictions will be seen anywhere toward the beginning of the season. With PSG being so dominant in the league, usually, they will be odds on favorites to win the league before the start of the season. One of our biggest tips for the Championship would be to bet early on the winners the day the lines open on the future bets. Another Ligue 1 betting tip would be to check on the flow of the league coming into early November as there will always be a scrap for second place in the league. Betting on the runner-up could be a lot more financially wise at this stage of the season as the league starts to fragment into sections.

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French Football League Outright Betting: The Favourites 

Although the favorites will always be one of the two or three teams that have finished in and around the top spot the last decade, there is an option to bet on the spread in the league. You will get good Ligue 1 betting odds on betting on the differential of points between the league winners and runner-up without having to bet on a singular team. This bet is virtually always better odds than betting on the winner.

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Betting on Ligue 1 Relegation:

There is a gulf in class between the French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. At the start of the season, a good bet would be, one of the teams newly promoted. Consolidation in the league above is no easy feat and, those without financial backing or a host of new signings rarely survive the season drop zone.

The live betting experience should be fast, responsive and give real-time data on odds as games progress. These are our top 3 for French Ligue 1 live bets.

With live-streaming, in-screen odds, exotic bets and an intuitive interface we have found the Bet365 app to be one of the best bookmakers for live bets. 
betway football betting
Betway has a slick app with nice features and a fast turnaround of data meaning live betting can be engaging, fun, and responsive.
melbet bookmaker football
Melbet has a nice app for quick live betting. The odds are some of the best in the marketplace and depositing is fluid and sharp.

Bonuses, Offers and Free Bets for the French Ligue 1 

Welcome offers can be used when registering with a bookmaker to bet on the Ligue 1 games. Some of the best in the market can be found at these 3 operators.

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Bet365Up to 100 Euros in Bet Credits 
BetwayUp to 100
22BetUp to 100% Bonus on First Deposit 

Deciding on a Bookmaker to Bet on French Ligue 1 

Game lines should be open ahead of time in French Ligue 1, meaning you are able to post your bets well in advance with competitive odds. Bookmakers should offer the best value for money line betting in advance, so the best bookmakers will seal bets on upcoming games. As game day approaches sometimes you will see squad changes and so the money line will move to reflect changes in perception of games. When deciding on a bookmaker you should factor into your decision the competitiveness of the odds against other bookmakers, the live bet coverage, and the data feed speed to your device. The faster the information can come to you on your bets, the more fun you will have to make your French Ligue 1 predictions.

As always, let us know in the comments below which bookmakers you have chosen and what bets you have made for the weekend!

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