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Liverpool historically has been one of the most successful sides in English football. Liverpool reigned as the most successful side in England for a substantial period of time before being overtaken by Manchester United in trophy winnings. Under manager Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool has gone from strength to strength becoming a more fluid, fast-breaking, and finishing side that are ruthless in victory. With players like Salah and Mane flourishing under the Manager teams find it hard to contain Liverpool when they run rampant.

Liverpool Tactics and Style to Play

Liverpool tend to adopt a 4-3-3 formation both home and away with Mane, Salah and Jota as their front three. Mane and Salah, although wide players in the formation, are attracted to the goal at most opportunities causing the front three narrowing during play. Their midfielders support the attack usually causing an overload on opposition defence, late runs from Fabinho and Oxlade-Chamberlain, can be devastating to mark for back tracking players. Best Liverpool FC betting tips usually involve goal related bets for a side that boasts the best scoring record in the league currently and the league’s two top goalscorers. 

Liverpool to win the Premier league Odds & Prediction

Domestically Liverpool has the foundations to win the Premier League title. They have been prolific in scoring goals with common form from Mane and Salah and currently average over 2.9 goals per game for the season. They should not be overlooked as a strong contender to win the league when they free-score so amply in the Premier League.

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Bet365 currently has Liverpool at 6.00 to be Premiership Champions.

These odds reflect Liverpool as 3rd favourite to win the league. ( click to read our latest premier league betting tips and predictions for today and tomorrow)

Liverpool Odds & prediction to Win Uefa Champions league 2021 2022

Liverpool top the league table in the group stages, despite having clubs with great domestic performances challenging. They have been prolific in scoring goals with 13 goals registered in 4 matches against some of Europe’s biggest sides and will be a team to fear for challenging sides for the Championship. 

Bet365 currently show Liverpool as 7.00 favourites to win the title, meaning they are 4th favourites to win the Champions League (click to read our latest UEFA Champions League betting tips and predictions for this week)

Liverpool FC: FA Cup PREDICTIONS & What to Expect

Anfield, Liverpool’s home ground, has some of the most vociferous fans in the league. I played against Liverpool, at Anfield, in 2007. The ground erupts when skilled players have the ball and it is like playing against a 12th man on the pitch. In competitions such as the FA Cup, where the game is full of passion and fans will their team on, Liverpool can be a formidable place to travel to. Liverpool FC betting tips should remember that Liverpool are a free-scoring side where FA Cup has no group stages and games are decided on the day; any games at Anfield should see Liverpool take the advantage.

Betway currently has Liverpool at 7.50 to win the FA Cup. (Read our latest FA CUP Betting tips, odds, and predictions)

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Liverpool FC: Carabao Cup PREDICTIONS & What to Expect

The Carabao Cup is a competitive cup but with the schedules sides like Liverpool have, fixtures should be taken into consideration. If any fixtures are within recovery time for or after Champions League or FA Cup games, Liverpool have been known to allow for fringe players to get game time. Despite being an animated figure Jurgen Klopp, the Manager, is a man of strategy and with a team that respect his knowledge of the game. Any side that Klopp fields, will be a dangerous side and capable of winning this cup.

Betway currently has Liverpool at 4.50 to win the Carabao Cup.

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