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Have you been searching around the football apps today, trying to figure your best bet of the day? We have all been there, luckily you have come to the right place for making sure you understand what qualities constitute the best football bet of the day

Sunday 01/05

Match: Valour vs Forge
Win Bet: Forge Win
Tip: Forge are one of the best sides in the Canadian Premier League, but they have stuttered somewhat this season. They have struggled in recent away games against Valour, winning only one of their last three, but at this stage of the season and hoping to challenge for top spot, I expect out firing.

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Saturday 30/04

Match: HFX Wanderers vs Edmonton
Win Bet: HFX Win
Tip: HFX Wanderers have not had the best start to the season, as have Edmonton. However, two games in two days for Edmonton will not fair well, especially when heading away to a side that they have never beaten away from home. HFX should really going into the fixture with the expectation of a win if they are hoping for any type of success this season.

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The Top Football Bet of the Day: Tips, Previews & Predictions 

The bet of the day prediction is like the holy grail for punters. We spend the night before all games looking at stats, reading about team morale, personal problems and elevating factors that will give us our football bet of the day tips. Research becomes your ally, strength and, an attribute that is paramount in choosing your one game that fills you with certainty. With games all over the world taking place at any one hour, how do you choose that bet that you just know is the one for you? If you were to have a look at the EPL and see that Manchester United were playing a side like West Ham, would that be your choice? Unfortunately, too many of us believe so, believe that just choosing a game that is going to win or has a high probability of winning can be the preverbal football bet of the day. That notion is completely contradictory to the statement in question. We are looking for that game, in any league that has the odds worth taking a good shot of money at it. I am going to give you a scenario here, game preview if you like, let’s call it an exercise:

Napoli changed their manager this week due to poor results and two-star players are injured, morale is low and Inter is chasing the game in hand for the top position in the league.

best football betting tips
Best Football Betting Tips

What is the Football Bet of the Day?

The scenario I have just outlined is how you find the bet of the day. This will happen throughout every single day, in some league, somewhere. Our job is to find that bet. In scenario one there looks to be one winner and the only way you make any real money is if you bet on the underdog, which is largely unlikely. If you weigh this up against scenario two where the odds on Inter winning are better than underdogs West Ham and they carry the better form into the match up. The off-pitch situations concerning the home side Napoli would suggest that Inter have the advantage in this game, despite the odds showing them as underdogs. This is how you make money and this is how you find your best bet of the day for football!

How Do We Select Our Bet of the Day Predictions?

The answer is simple, research. Stats analysis is just the start of picking that winning bet. Look at the team styles, head-to-head historic results, injury list, replacement players and, players that have played for both clubs. All these variables will have an impact on the game result I can promise you this. Learn the leagues, the grounds, the travelling distances and, the individual lifestyles of the team’s top performers. Everything has a consideration. Imagine I asked you to bet your house, your job and your car on a single bet, how much research would you do into making the right pick? You wouldn’t sleep until you were 99% sure!

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When Is the Bet of the Day Updated?

The bet of the day is consistent, a constant trawling of social media profiles, club activity, and stats analysis. If you want to be a successful gambler this is how we make it happen. The journey is one of enlightenment as you become more professional in your football predictions you find your own way of creating a ranking for your predictions.

What Is the Best Sports Betting Site to Place the Bet of the Day?



Bet365 has decent odds but the platform itself can add to your bet of the day experience by watching the game live on your phone or device. 
All of our partners have their own positives. Find one that works the best for your lifestyle but don’t forget to check the markets at all of the bookmakers and some will have better odds than others, allowing you to make more money on your win! Let us know in the comments below who you have chosen and what your bet was that came in. Read more.
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Probably one of the most fluid apps that you will come across where you can do your stats analysis without having to do third-party research to make your football predictions bet of the day. Read more.
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For pregame betting Melbet is one of the best, covering multiple leagues with brilliant odds. Don’t forget, if you have not made an account with Melbet you can open one with a healthy bonus on your first deposit to get you started.

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